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Julia Orquera Bianco was born in Argentina and lived in Mexico before moving to the United  States. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Universidad del Museo Social Argentino (Buenos  Aires, Argentina) in 2012. In 2018 she graduated from the MFA program at Roski School of Art  and Design, University of Southern California, Los Angeles. In 2020, Bianco earned a Certificate  on Sustainability from University of California, Los Angeles. In 2023 she completed a Permaculture Design Certificate at Cincinnati Permaculture Institute. Bianco is currently working towards a 300-hr Yoga Teacher certification.

Bianco works through interrogating constructs from Modern Western Culture, collective  memory, and the experience of migration, through the lens of a guest on the Land she inhabits.  This allows her to think about identity and belonging as something constantly being renegotiated and in motion, in deep relation and conversation with the environment and the community she is immersed in. Her explorations use her family legacy  of labor, craft, and storytelling as strategies to build knowledge and understanding of Place,  experiencing while remembering. In addition to being a practicing artist, she is the Artist Impact Education Manager at ArtWorks. Her work has been showcased and published in Argentina, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and  the United States.

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